Hrudd is an old troll who lives under Blackfriers Bridge. He can be a useful source of information if you can figure out what he is talking about.


Hrudd is an old troll. He has been around since the time of the first exodus. He tends to be a bit confused about time and what is what but he is a valuable source of information. He will trade for information and often asks for odd things in trade. He is a little confused about the modern world and trying to get to grips with what he is and what he should do.

He lives under Blackfriers bridge which is the exit for the subteranian river Fleet. He moved in after reading the book thinking that bridges were the right place for trolls to live. He is also quite keen on goat.

His home in the tunnel is magically protected. You wont find it unless you are looking for him. He is a bit of a magpie and the whole of the tunnel is full of scrap he has collected from around LOndon… hubcaps, tins, a telephone box etc.


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